Selling? Pre-Sale Steps You Might Not Know About!

When it comes time, and you have made the decision to sell your house, for whatever the reason, these are things to keep in mind before that sale sign goes in the ground. Do a pre-sale inspection.  It's always a smart thing to know what you are getting yourself into, instead of getting a surprise…
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Inspectors, Inspectors, Inspectors. How do you know a good one?

Inspectors, Inspectors, Inspectors.  How do you know a good one? Good morning world, today's topic is Inspectors and how to know a good one from an egomaniac with an agenda. Didn't know that could happen? It does more than you would think. Inspections are a critical part of any home purchase. When looking for an…
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Are Short Sales right for you? Read this!

Are short sales right for you?  Read this! Today's rant will be about Short Sales, since in my experience, even some seasoned Realtors don't know about them, and therefore avoid them. If you understand them, even on a basic level, you can actually get a wonderful home for a fraction of the price. Short sales,…
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